Our Worship Philosophy To maintain a Christ-centered, God-glorifying focus in all that we do. Style-wise, we would be considered modern, but we refuse to stay inside a box. Most weeks we’ll rock out with an electric guitar driven band. However, some weeks you’ll walk in to see the worship leader leading from a mandolin, and the bluegrass revival is in full swing. While we’ll probably be the first to introduce you to the newest worship music being released, we also strive to maintain connections with our past by continually infusing the great theological hymns of our father’s, but usually with an updated twist. Overall, God is most concerned with the heart behind the worship, and we see style as simply a medium the Holy Spirit is free to use to help us connect with the heart of God.
If you have a calling to serve God through music, we have an approach that says, “Bring your talents to the table, and let’s see how God wants to use them for His glory!”
Contact our worship leader Michael Wilson at mwilson@crestmontchurch.com.