Crestmont Kids

Our Philosophy

We believe sunday school should be used as a tool for parents to help their children grow in Christ. Sunday school should be complementary to what you are teaching them at home; not replace your message with our own. That’s why we encourage parents to be active in their children’s spiritual journey and ask them questions about their experience at sunday school throughout the week.

The Gospel Project

During Sunday school, kids will work through The Gospel Project for KIDS curriculum that shows how Christ fits into the whole Bible, from pre-creation to eternity, and where each one of us fits into it. Watch the short video below, or go to the to learn more.

Kids PreK – 5th Grade

Kids will learn Bible stories, practice memorizing verses, sing songs, work on crafts, and play as they learn about God’s love for them.


Meet us at the sanctuary, and we will help you find the class that’s right for your child or children. Sunday school starts at 9:00am – followed by Worship at 10:30am.


On Wednesday, we will be at the upper part of the church (the far left if you’re facing the building) where kids will learn more about Christ while parents can attend Table Talk. It all starts at 6:30pm and wraps up at 8:00pm